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Our devoted affiliate managers await to compose a unique commission plan just for you, tailored to your needs and desires. Together you will build the plan which will make your business successful and lucrative.

How to Earn Income?

Being a trader is not easy, and it is quite hard to achieve steady income through speculations with investment assets. The forex market is vast, and it provides many alternative income earning options in addition to trade transactions. One such option is partner programs aimed at attracting traders to the partner company for remuneration. The remuneration calculation methodology and client attraction methods might differ, but participation in a partner program allows the trader to achieve steady income without any trade transactions.

Distinctive features of a ForexChief partner program include its progressive remuneration scale depending on the attracted client's trading turnover, and weekly payments. For the partner, there are no secret terms and conditions such as "minimum order duration" or "minimum difference between order opening and order closing price" (MTP). By becoming ForexChief's partner, you will earn guaranteed remuneration for each order completed by the attracted client. The program's general concept is based on calculating the remuneration amount for 1 million USD of trading turnover.

Our Advantages

CPA (cost-per-action) remuneration up to $300 for each attracted client.
«Eternal» remuneration and unlimited sum of payouts for the turnover of each attracted client.

Dynamic MTP
No requirement for the minimum difference between the price of opening and closing a position (MTP).
Partnership with a trusted pioneer
Benefit from our extensive experience of more than 5 years and our internationally acclaimed reputation.
Master Affiliate
No special requirements on the minimum time interval between opening and closing a position.
Diverse opportunities
We have a range of partnership opportunities that you can benefit from, regardless of your skill set or background.